"Athletes are sensitive human
beings with lives beyond sport;
they are not simply a commodity."

The Coaches' Report

About this website

Silent Edge is a project of a group of figure skating enthusiasts who have an interest in advocacy for skaters of all levels on a variety of issues.

Unethical sexual conduct against skaters has come to our attention and prompted us to create this resource. We feel that, like athletes in other sports, figure skaters are at risk for abuse or exploitation -- risks which are only exacerbated by the figure skating community's fear, silence, indifference, or lack of readily available information about sexual abuse and harassment (in particular) and other topics of concern. We believe that these attitudes in the skating community must change, in order for the sport we all love to remain healthy and prosperous -- because today's vulnerable skaters are tomorrow's coaches, choreographers, skating parents, and skating officials. The welfare of skaters is the welfare of skating.

Although Silent Edge is primarily oriented toward sexual abuse and harassment in skating and all sports, we also hope to provide information for the skating community on other topics of concern such as eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, financial sponsorship, and career management. Skaters and their parents may not receive enough information about these important matters from coaches, from fellow skaters or parents, or from their skating federations. Although these issues are important enough on their own, we hope to raise awareness of how they can relate to the problem of sexual exploitation of athletes.

The glamorous image, popularity and high-figure economics of today's skating world are heavy burdens that ultimately rest on the shoulders of young athletes surrounded by powerful adults. We believe that the skating community at large needs to become more educated -- and more responsive -- about the problems faced by skaters who can have their trust violated by adults who may not always have their best interests at heart.

We hope to establish a permanent voice for all in the sport of skating who share concern about the welfare of the young men and women who, with their talent and hard work, have given all lovers of skating such joy.